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MTN Migration: Let’s help you get set up

If we have sent you an email notifying you that your MTN Fixed LTE service will be migrating to one of our new MTN Uncapped Fixed LTE packages, then this article is for you! 

Important notes: 

  • Your new SIM card will be delivered in the first half of April. 
  • Only use your MTN-approved router (the one you are currently using with your existing service). 
  • Remember that MTN is location locked and therefore you will need to be at the same address as where your existing service is registered. 
  • It can take up to 2 hours for your SIM to be activated after delivery. 
  • NB: The APN details must be changed in order for you to use your service. 
  • You won’t pay a cent for your new service for up two months. You will only start paying for the new package on 1 June 2024. 
  • Your old service will be cancelled on 30 April 2024 and will no longer work from 1 May onwards. 

This is a step-by-step guide to change your APN details on your new MTN Fixed LTE service: 

(The below examples are taken from the Huawei interface; however, most routers have similar interfaces and the same paths to update APN details). 

Step 1 – Pop out your SIM card to the correct size: 

  • Check which SIM size your router requires (see router guide or check the existing SIM card).
  • Insert the SIM card into your router. Check your router guide if you are unsure where to do this (most routers have a slot at the bottom or on the side).

Step 2 – Connect to your service: 

  • A blue “Mode” light on your router will indicate that your SIM is active.  
  • You can now search for your WiFi name (the same one as it was on your old service) on your chosen device. 
  • You can use the same WiFi login details as you used with your old service. 

Step 3 – Log into your router interface: 

  • Open your web browser (such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox). You must be connected to your new MTN service on your WiFi when you do this. 
  • In the URL search bar, type in this address: (this will still go to the interface without internet – just ensure you have followed Step 2 first). 
  • You’ll be presented with a login screen. The password for this is Admin. 

Step 4 – Changing your APN details: 

  • You will find the screen as per below (or similar).
  • Click on Network Settings at the top of the page. 
  • You are now presented with a page displaying the APN list.
  • Click the PLUS(+) icon and you will be able to add an APN.
  • The Profile Name can be set to: WebafricaAPN 
  • The Username and Password fields will remain blank. 
  • Scroll right down to the bottom of this section and you’ll be able to save the APN.
  • In the APN field, type in ws.dd.fwa 
  • Click on the Save button.
  • You will now have your new APN saved as the default on your list. 

Step 5 – Setting your network mode to 4G only:

  • In the left section of the page click on Mobile Network Searching.
  • Click the drop-down next to Preferred Network mode.
  • Select the option 4G only and click the Save button.

Step 6 – Restart your router:

  • You may need to restart your router after you have changed your APN details. Once you have done so and if your service is active (within 2 hours after delivery – the blue “Mode” light on your router will be on if you’re active), you can try reconnecting. 

Now you can enjoy your new Fasterfast MTN Uncapped Fixed LTE service! 

Important: Your old service will be cancelled on 30 April 2024. Thus, you will need to follow the above steps (after your new SIM is delivered) before the end of April to avoid an interruption in your internet service. Remember you will get up to TWO MONTHS FREE on your new service and only start paying for it from 1 June 2024.  

Updated on April 8, 2024

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