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What is DSL Secure?

What is DSL Secure?

  • DSL Secure is a free security feature that we offer to our customers
  • It allows you to lock and restrict your ADSL username to your line port (telephone number) on your Exchange
  • If this changes during upgrade periods to the Exchange it will result in loss of access until DSL Secure is disabled
  • It can be enabled for multiple lines on the same account (subject to your ADSL package concurrency rules)

How do I enable DSL Secure?

To enable DSL Secure you’ll need to activate it in your Customer Zone

  1. Click on “View Details” for your ADSL product
  2. Under Management Actions, select Internet Usage Tracker
  3. In the Internet Usage Tracker, select “Settings”
  4. Toggle the DSL secure checkbox to enable
  5. Select “Update”

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Updated on September 1, 2020

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