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Approved Routers on the MTN Network

When using our MTN service you have the option to buy one of our TP-Link routers or alternatively use your own. If you select a qualifying package which includes a free-to-use router, you will receive one of our Huawei routers.

Our routers are selected from only MTN-approved ones so no need to wonder if yours will be correct. If you are using your own, however, you will have to use one from the below list to ensure your new SIM card will work:


  • HUAWEI B2368,     
  • HUAWEI B2368-22    
  • HUAWEI B2368-57    
  • HUAWEI B2368-66    
  • HUAWEI B525S-23A    
  • HUAWEI B525S-65A    
  • HUAWEI B525S-95A    
  • HUAWEI B612-233    
  • HUAWEI B612-533    
  • HUAWEI B612S-25D    
  • HUAWEI B612S-51D    
  • HUAWEI B612S-52D    
  • HUAWEI B618S-22D    
  • HUAWEI B618S-65D    
  • HUAWEI B618S-66D   


  • ZTE MF286A    
  • ZTE MF286C    
  • ZTE MF286D    
  • ZTE MF286R    


  • ZYXEL LTE7460


  • TP-LINK MR600
Updated on November 3, 2022

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