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Update Payment Methods in Your Customer Zone

How to Use your Billing Zone

In your Webafrica customer zone, you will see several tabs at the top of the page. Select the tab labelled “My Billing Options”.

At the top of the page, you can select whether you would like to receive your monthly statements via email, and your current balance.

You can use the “Pay Now” button below your current balance if you need to make an instant payment (for example if your debit or credit card payment failed and you want to ensure that your account is not suspended).

Billing Options 

Below this, you will see your billing options.

When your “Billing Options” Tab opens your default view will show you your current statements and invoices. You can download your statements and invoices here if you wish, or navigate back and view older invoices and payments. 

Updating your payment methods 

Select the “Payment Methods” tab to upload and edit your payment methods.

In this tab, you will see the “Add payment method” button. Click here to add a new payment method.

In your payment methods list, the payment method (or card) at the top of the list will be your primary payment method. Should this payment method fail, we will automatically attempt to collect from the secondary payment method you have saved.

Older Payment Methods

In the event that you have had more than two payment methods saved, your previous payment methods will be displayed below the two active cards. Please be aware that only two payment methods can be active at any time. To bring back an older payment method, simply move it to the top of your list and click the “Re-enable” button.

If Your Payment Method Fails

If your card fails for any reason, you will need to return to your billing platform and re-enable the card by clicking the “re-enable” button next to the card or payment method.

How Many Payment Methods Can I Have?

You can have a maximum of two payment methods enabled at any given time. These can be two credit cards, or one debit order and one credit card. You cannot have more than one debit order enabled at a time.

You will notice that there is space for additional cards to be saved, but only two can be enabled. To enable a saved card, move it to the top of the page using the navigation arrows to the right of the card. The primary payment method will be the card at the very top of the page. The second card in the highlighted area is your secondary payment method which we will use if the first payment method fails.

What Happens if a Payment Method Fails? 

In the event that the collection on your primary payment method fails, we will attempt to collect from the second card in your payment methods list. If both of these methods fail your account will be suspended and you will have to update your payment manually.

Once payment has been made successfully, we will revert to collecting from the primary payment method you have saved.

Please Note: Should your account go into a suspended state for longer than 30 days, your account will be cancelled, and you may be liable for reactivation and/or connection fees from the underlying infrastructure provider before you can be reactivated.  

Why Would a Payment Method Fail?

In the event of a failed payment collection, your bank will usually send us an error message. The most common of these being insufficient funds in your account expired card, or card authorization failed.

We will send you an email with the message we receive from your bank (should they send an error reason) and it will be up to you to rectify the issue with them before reactivating your card.

Your Payment Calendar

Below your payment methods list, you will see your payment calendar.

This is a resource which we have added to help you plan for your payments and understand what it is that you are paying for. To view a payment event, simply click on the event and all of the invoice details will open up for you to view.

Please note: All Webafrica deals and packages are subject to change without notification. These include our terms and conditions as it relates to costs and deal/package structures for all of our service providers.

Updated on September 1, 2020

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