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Webafrica’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

What the FUP is FUP?

The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is our simple way of protecting the integrity of the Webafrica network. We currently only apply a FUP on our Openserve packages. 

As with all acceptable usage policies, if you use more than a certain, predetermined “fair” amount of data (your FUP threshold) in a given time frame, you stand to be restricted to slower speeds during peak times, in order to allow other users to access to the network fairly.

Each line speed has its own FUP threshold, and because we don’t all have the same data needs, we offer three distinct packages on each line speed, which have different thresholds.

Does FUP affect me?

If you are an Openserve Fibre or ADSL customer on either an Uncapped package, then the FUP thresholds will apply to you. If you are on an Uncapped Premium or Pro package then the FUP will not affect you. If we supply you through any of our other Fibre infrastructure providers then you are automatically in the Uncapped Pro category and will not be affected by a FUP threshold.

What are the Webafrica Uncapped Packages?

Our package categories are currently Uncapped and Uncapped Premium. These only apply to Openserve. All other underlying providers have no FUP applied. 

Good to know

If you are on one of our packages which carries a FUP, your usage between midnight and 6am every day does not affect your rolling FUP threshold. So, if you are planning downloads make sure you schedule them for these times, and they won’t have an impact on your FUP status.

What about shaping?

Shaping is the process of implementing priority on certain types of usage or protocols. Some ISP’s implement shaping to give priority to real-time interactive services, effectively slowing down your non-prioritised services. Webafrica does not shape your account. You have the freedom to decide how to use your bandwidth.

The FUP thresholds

All thresholds are based on data consumption over a 30-day rolling window. This means that your data consumption is NOT calculated from the first of the month to the end of the month. Your data consumption is based on the last 30 days of usage, regardless of the date. For example, if today is the 15th of June, your data consumption is measured from 30 days prior to this day, so from the 15th May, and not from the 1st of June. This 30-day window “rolls” forwards every day. 

How is the FUP applied?

You will only experience slow speeds if you are FUPPED and the network is very busy (for example during peak network times). If you are over your FUP threshold but the network is not busy (off-peak times) you will still enjoy your normal internet speeds. 

OR let Will explain it to you…

Please note: All Webafrica deals and packages are subject to change without notification. These include our terms and conditions as it relates to costs and deal/package structures for all of our service providers.

Updated on September 1, 2020

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