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What is CGNAT?

CGNAT is a method used by internet service providers(ISPs), like Webafrica, to share a single unique public IP address with multiple users. Known to some as Double Natting.

Why we’re using CGNAT?

As with most ISPs, we’re running out of IPv4 addresses, and are planning on moving all our customers over to IPv6 addresses. Until then, we’ve decided to use the CGNAT method as it has the least impact on a majority of Webafrica customers.

What this means for you

This means your router will use a private IP address, but when you access the internet, we’ll transfer you across to a shared public IP address.

While this won’t affect most of our customers, there’s a small group it might affect; customers who use services that depend on NAT (Network Address Translation) and could include:

  • Web, email and file servers
  • Security cameras, printers and some home automation
  • Remote access to computers or devices

If you have any concerns about how this change might affect you, contact our support team on whatsapp.

Updated on July 30, 2023

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