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10 reasons to get Webafrica Voice

We’re big into tech – always looking for new ways to bring the best tech to our customers.

With Telkom decommissioning its copper network the future of ADSL and landline voice calls is looking grim – and by grim we mean, it’s about to die. 

As always we’ve got you covered. This time with Webafrica Voice – our Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP (it’s cooler, shorter name). Webafrica Voice is a low-cost telephony service that enables you to make and receive voice calls using ONLY your internet connection instead of your landline. 

Here are 10 reasons to sign up for Webafrica Voice today:

1.  Talk more, for FREE

Spill the tea, dish the gossip or just say, ‘howzit’ to friends and family using your 30 FREE minutes per month on ANY local network. Outside of your free minutes, calls to an international landline start at the low cost of only 17c per minute while calls to an international mobile phone are only 24c per minute. That’s cheaper than anywhere else!

2.    Drop costly cell phone and roaming bills

Take peace of mind wherever you go in the world (over 10 countries). Simply pack your VoIP phone or download a mobile VoIP app, like Zopier, and handle calls like a boss while on the move. Remember, you’ll need to be in a WiFi zone or turn on mobile data to do so. 

3.    Don’t change a thing – keep your Telkom number

No need to change numbers, we’ll port your Telkom number for free. Or, we could issue you with a free unique 087 number, if you so wish – the choice is yours – either way no Telkom landline rental is required to sign up for our voice service.

4.    Ditch the drama of outside providers

Say ‘bye’ to Felicia and external provider drama and only deal with us for your voice and internet service. Great, right?

5.    No more missed calls, ever

Intuitive call forwarding ensures that you never miss a call again, unless you want to that is. 

6.    No bill surprises, just way better admin

Use the custom dashboard to stay in complete control of your Webafrica Voice account. Check top-up history, view call history, view comprehensive usage details, and change settings for international roaming, call forwarding, notifications and more.

7.   Real-time notifications before you run out of minutes

Stay in the know with instant notifications via SMS or email that inform you of available minutes. Never worry about running out of minutes again!

8.   Anytime top-up data that’s valid for three months

Conveniently top up your data anywhere, anytime. Best of all, your top-up airtime will only expire after three months from the date of purchase. 

9.    Super cheap per minute billing

Did we mention that VoIP calls are ridiculously cheap? Enjoy super cheap per minute billing on mobile networks, landlines and international calls.

10.    Save on your prepaid or postpaid cell phone costs

Did you know that when you make VoIP calls you use internet or mobile data not airtime? You can use Webafrica Voice on your cell phone via an app but we do recommend using one of our pre-configured handsets to ensure crystal-clear calls every time. Check out some of its features for yo’self. 

Still got questions? Check out our VoIP FAQs – they’re pretty handy. 

Remember, we’re a hop, skip and a connection away. Reach out, and let’s talk about VoIP baby!

Updated on September 1, 2020

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