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Vuma reach billing

How you are billed on your Vuma Reach service

Your Vuma Reach billing is broken up as follows:

  1. Once your area is active, you will be billed for initial activation of your service. If you are on the 20/10 Mbps service, you will pay R399 and if you are on the 40/10 Mbps you will pay R529. You will need to pay this before the order can progress any further. This payment will cover you from the date of activation to the same time the next month. For example, if your service goes active on 13 October, your payment will cover you until 12 November. If you have opted to pay via our Prepaid method, your payment will cover you for 28 days. For example, if your service goes active on 13 October, your payment will cover you until 9 October.
  1. Your second invoice will be pro-rata which will cover the last few days of the month.
    For example, if your first bill covered 13 October to 12 November, your pro-rata invoice will be calculated from 13 November to 30 November. You always pay in advance for service use, therefore your payment for this pro-rata amount will be due on 1 November.
how billing works

Vuma Reach will only invoice on successful payment. You will receive your invoice once the payment was made successfully. If the payment fails, you will only receive the invoice once the payment goes through. We will send you email reminders for payment so ensure you check your mailbox regularly and make sure your email address used on sign up is the correct one.

After these initial two invoices, your bills will reflect the normal monthly service fees, for example in the above scenario, your December invoice will reflect only the R399 or R529, and so forth.

For more information on how to pay online via your specific bank, please see our informative article: https://knowledge.webafrica.co.za/index.php/knowledge-base/online-payments-vuma-reach/

For information on how to make payment via our Prepaid method, please see our handy article: https://knowledge.webafrica.co.za/index.php/knowledge-base/vuma-reach-with-easypay/

Need to update your payment method? No problem, you can do so via your Customer Zone, see below article for details:

Updated on April 8, 2021

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